Thursday, 11 April 2013

The week in review and upcoming recipes

The last couple of weeks I've made some delicious dishes! I thought I would link and review some things I made.

I love Mexican food, but the restaurants around here are so lackluster. The food is salty, uninspired and emphasizes quantity and cheapness, not quality. Therefore, I'm always looking to make more fresh, healthy and delicious Mexican food in my own kitchen. I've already posted my standby recipes for fresh salsa and guacamole, but I tried some new recipes this week.


I made these chiles rellenos and followed this recipe exactly. Next time, I would add some meat and beans to the cheese inside the rellenos, but this recipe was great! I served it with this smoky tomatillo salsa and my standard fresh salsa. Fresh salsa is literally the easiest thing to make and you can add or leave out almost anything you want. This time, I used canned tomatoes with green chiles instead of fresh tomatoes. Still outrageously good.


At least it looks beautiful.
One of my favorite foods, hands down.
I also tried this really promising recipe for tuna tartar pizza. Sounds SO GOOD, right? It wasn't. I used seared tuna instead of raw. I also made a couple other modifications, but the flavor combinations the recipe is based on just aren't that good. I like the idea, and this is something I'll come back to one day, but this was a really disappointing recipe. There were too many tangy, sour flavors and not enough mild. I definitely still ate it, though; no perfectly-cooked ahi tuna will go to waste in my house.


I have a couple other recipes that I'm working on uploading.

I perfected a recipe for Greek white bean burgers that will go up sometime soon. I also modified two recipes from the fantastic Jerusalem: A Cookbook. This book is AMAZING and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes Middle Eastern food in the slightest. So be on the look out for eggplant soup and falafel :-)